Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"Hair" Cast List

Greetings All,

First off, we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who auditioned. These were some of the best auditions we have seen and you should all be proud. Without further ado, the Hair Cast List!

Claude- Cressler Peele
Berger- Peter Vance
Woof- Richard Walden
Hud- George Barrett
Sheila- Maggie Poole
Jeanie- Natalie Myrick
Dionne- Dominique Barnes
Crissy- Rachael Tuton
Margaret Mead- Drew Goins
Ronny- Amberly Nardo
Hubert- Alex Herzing
Leata- Jessica Hoffmann
Paul-Doug Pass
Walter- Colin Proctor
Steve-Max Cullen
Hiram- Matt Verner
Scott- Tyler Jeffries
Suzannah-Emily Bohbrink
Mary-Hayley Wright
Emmaretta-Mariah Barksdale
Diane- Emily Ellis
Marjorie-Haley Smyser
Linda-Pauline Lamb
Natalie- Alissa Alba

Please reply to this email accepting your role no later than Friday the 22nd at 5p and be on the lookout for an email with more information about scripts and rehearsal.

Even though we could not cast everyone, we would love to have you all involved in the show, so please also shoot me an email if you are interested in learning about opportunities to work behind the scenes.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Callbacks for "Hair"

Hey Everyone!

Thanks so much for coming out to audition for Hair.  Below is the callback list.  Please keep in mind that just because you do not receive a callback does not mean you will not be cast.

6:00-6:15 Woof: Alex Herzing, Cressler Peele, Colin Proctor, and Richard Walden

6:15-6:30 Margaret Meade: George Barrett, Drew Goins, Alex Herzing, and Doug Pass

6:30-6:45 Berger: Max Cullen, Alex Herzing, Peter Vance, and Richard Walden

6:45-7:00 Claude: Max Cullen, Drew Goins, Cressler Peele, and Colin Proctor

7:00-7:15 Hud: Dominique Barnes, George Barrett, Pauline Lamb, and Erika Lessane

7:15-7:30 Dionne: Mariah Barksdale, Dominique Barnes, Jessica Hoffmann, Pauline Lamb, Erika         Lessane, and Amberly Nardo

7:30-7:45 Ronny:
Mariah Barksdale, Dominique Barnes, Erika Lessane, and Amberly Nardo

7:45-8:00 Chrissy:
Emily Bohbrink, Jessica Hoffmann, Natalie Myrick, Rachael Tuton, and Hayley Wright

8:00-8:20 Jeanie:
Emily Bohbrink, Emily Ellis, Jessica Hoffmann, Natalie Myrick, Maggie Poole, Rachael Tuton, and Hayley Wright

8:20-8:35 Sheila:
Emily Ellis, Jessica Hoffmann, Natalie Myrick, Amberly Nardo, and Maggie Poole

Please return for the following times if you were listed above for the character:

8:45-9:00: Jeanie, Chrissy, and Dionne

9:00-9:30: Claude, Berger, Sheila, Hud, and Woof

9:30 -10:00: Claude and Berger

You will be receiving an email shortly with the sides and score selections. Please make sure to print and look over both your sides and your music and come to your callback at least 5 minutes early and already warmed up.

Thank you again to everyone who auditioned!