Thursday, August 29, 2013

"Sweeney Todd" Cast List

Hello there,

We would like to first say a huge thank you to everyone who auditioned! These were the best auditions we have seen and you should all be proud. Without further ado, the Sweeney Todd Cast List!
Anthony Hope - George Barrett
Sweeney Todd - Alex Thompson
Beggar Woman - Annie Keller
Mrs. Lovett - Rachael Tuton
Judge Turpin - Lochlan Belford
Beadle Bamford - Alex Ferraz
Johanna - Jessica Hoffman 
Tobias Ragg - Drew Goins
Pirelli - Colin Proctor
Lucy - Jackie O'Shaughnessy 

The Company
Zachary Acuff
Elizabeth Carbone
Casey Cleland
Zachary Cook
Ansel Dow
Ciara Ellis
Will Foos
Taylor Hamlet
Kelly Hynek
Liz Kent
Shelley Leazer
Jackie O'Shaughnessy
Jonathan Scott
Mark Storey
Matt Verner
Brooke Wilson
Please reply to this email accepting your role no later than Friday the August 30th at 5pm, and be on the lookout for an email with more information about scripts and rehearsals.

Even though we could not cast everyone, we would love to have you all involved in the show, so please also send me an email if you are interested in learning about opportunities to work with the Production Stuff.

Thank you again and we look forward to working with you all!


The Production Staff - Doug, Richie, Meleah, Janssen, McKenzie, and Cierra 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Callbacks for "Sweeney Todd"

Hello Everyone!

Thanks so much for coming out to audition for Sweeney Todd.  Below is the callback list.  Please keep in mind that just because you do not receive a callback does not mean you will not be cast. 

Beggar Woman: Casey Cleland, Jessica Hoffman, Annie Keller, Rachael Tuton, Jackie O’Shaughnessy, and Brooke Wilson

Johanna: Taylor Hamlet, Jessica Hoffman, Shelley Leazer, Rachael Tuton, Brooke WIlson

Mrs. Lovett: Casey Cleland, Annie Keller, Rachael Tuton, Jackie O’Shaughnessy

Pirelli: George Barrett, Alex Ferraz, Drew Goins, Colin Proctor, Peter Vance

Beadle Bamford: Ansel Dow, Alex Ferraz, Drew Goins, Colin Proctor

Tobias Ragg: Averyl Edwards, Drew Goins, Jonathan Scott

Anthony Hope: George Barrett, Will Foos, Drew Goins, Jonathan Scott, Mark Storey

Judge Turpin: Zachery Acuff, Lochlan Belford, Zachery Cook, Ansel Dow, Alex Thompson, Matt Verner

Sweeney Todd: Zachery Acuff, George Barrett, Lochlan Belford, Alex Thompson

If you have been called back for a role your call times are as follows:

5:30 Beggar Woman

5:50 Sweeney

6:15 Sweeney and Mrs. Lovett

6:45 BREAK

6:55 Mrs. Lovett

7:25 Toby

7:45 BREAK

7:55 Judge

8:10 Beadle

8:25 BREAK

8:35 Judge and Beadle

8:40 Pirelli

8:55 Anthony Hope

9:05 BREAK

9:15 Anthony and Johanna

9:40 Johanna

You will be receiving an email shortly with the sides and score selections. Please make sure to print and look over both your sides and your music and come to your callback at least 5 minutes early and already warmed up. 

Thank you again to everyone who auditioned!


The Sweeney Todd Production Staff