Sunday, January 26, 2014

Avenue Q Callbacks

Thank you so much for coming out and auditioning for Pauper Players' Avenue Q! 
We were so impressed by all the talent we saw today. Below, we have the callback list for tomorrow. All callbacks will be held in the Union Room 2518 from 5:00 til 7:00. More specific call times and sides will be sent out soon! For those of you not getting called back, please come and audition for future Pauper shows! If you indicated you were interested in getting involved with Avenue Q in other ways, you will definitely be hearing from us.

Kyle Conroy
Jacob Osborne
Will Hawkins
Kate Monster
Casey Cleland
Liz Kent
Evy Mitchell
Brooke Wilson
Elise Wilson

Lochlan Belford
Kyle Conroy
Will Hawkins
Lochlan Belford
Matt Verner

Trekkie Monster
Lochlan Belford
Wesley Darling
Will Hawkins
Matt Verner

Christmas Eve
Cara Hurley
Annie Keller

Brian Holtshouser
Solomon Stewert
Harry Wasnak

Lucy the Slut
Gentry Hodnett
Leila Kaji
Blayne Telling
Brooke Wilson

Mrs. Thistletwat
Casey Cleland
Leila Kaji
Annie Keller
Blayne Telling

Gary Coleman
Mariah Barksdale

McKenzie Millican
Stage Manager

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Broadway Melodies 2014 Cast List

Hi All!
Thank you to everyone who auditioned!  Once again, you all made this a tough decision for the directors of each set.  We saw a lot of talent, but unfortunately as much as we would like to take everyone, we simply can't.  That being said, we hope to see all of you at Avenue Q auditions.  These dates will be announced in the coming week.

Without further ado, the cast lists for Broadway Melodies 2014!

Les Nor: the musical
Hinton James: Drew Goins
Belle: Liz Kent
Kari: Mary Stewart Evans
Andrew: Sam Barge
Wendy: Brianna Henley
Holden Thorpe: Brainard Burrus
Man 1: George Barrett
Man 2: Alex Craft
Man 3: Colin Proctor
Woman 1: Leah Morgan
Woman 2: Casey Cleland
Woman 3: Mariah Barksdale
Jeff: Richie Walter
Elle: Jessica Hoffman

Jurassic Pop:
Judge Judy: Jess Errera
The Narrator: Annie Keller
Dr. Oz: Lochlan Belford
Katie Couric: Emily Ruffin
Maury Povich: Brainard Burrus
Ryan Seacrest: Richie Walter
Oprah Winfrey: Mariah Barksdale
Steve Jobs: Nate Swofford
Oz’s Creation/Monster: Bryce Edwards / George Barrett
Carrie Underwood - Jessica Hoffman

The Paparazzi Ensemble:

Dale Bass
Wesley Darling
Bryce Edwards (2nd Half)
Michelle Fronzaglia
Taylor Hamlet
Colin Proctor
Andrea Vaughn
Brooke Wilson
Into the Games:
Katniss Everdeen – Emily Ruffin
Peeta Mellark – Drew Goins
Effie Trinket – Annie Keller
Haymitch Abernathy – Jess Errera
Cinna – Chris Daniels
Caesar Flickerman – Lochlan Belford
Rue – Leah Morgan
Cato – Joe Townshend
Clove – Liz Kent
Foxface – Taylor Hamlet
Glimmer – Rachael Tuton
Marvel – Alex Ferraz
Thresh – Bryce Edwards
Mother Everdeen* – Audrey Anderson
Primrose Everdeen* – Jessie Vohwinkel
Venia – Sarah Grace Walt
Octavia – Casey Cleland
Flavius – Jerome Allen
Neil Patrick Harris – Wesley Darling
Tributes/Mutants (including * above):
1.    Charlotte Story
2.    Raymond Stanton
3.    Shelley Leazer
4.    Liz Carbone
5.    Caroline Pittman
6.    Janssen White
7.    Paul Ferreraz
8.    Matt Verner
9.    Jennifer Ferguson
10.  Juan Roa Unas
11.  Catherine Shocket
12.  Sarah Plasyck
13.  Allison Whitmeyer
14.  Michelle Fronzaglia
15.  Sam Barge

Again, if you were not cast, we hope to see you in the future!
For those of you that were cast, please accept your role no later than Wednesday at 5:00pm by emailing with this subject head:
If you accept: "BWM14: NAME accepts role(s)"
If you do not accept: "BWM14: NAME denies role(s)"
BWM14: MAX BITAR accepts Lady Gaga
BWM14: WESLEY MILLER denies Whitney Houston (too soon?)

Please plan on attending a read-through tomorrow (Tuesday, January 14) at 6:00pm in Union Rm 2518.  If you cannot attend, please email one of the representatives from your set (emails below) to let him/her know!  You will be receiving scripts/materials via email from your specific directors before the read-through tomorrow.  Don't print these scripts yet!  Bring a laptop or tablet to rehearsal.
Into the Games:
Jurassic Pop:
Also, we will have a brief meeting before rehearsal tomorrow.  In this meeting, we will go over the rehearsal calender and scheduling and explain the process.  After the read through, Jurassic Pop will be rehearsing from 8-9 and Les Nor will be rehearsing from 9-10.

We are looking forward to working with all of you!
--Wesley, Max and Maria

Executive Directors of Pauper Players
Producers, BWM '14