Saturday, March 14, 2009

Children of Eden Cast List

Below you will find the cast list for UNC Pauper Players' production of Stephen Schwartz's "Children Of Eden"! Again, we would like to emphasize how incredibly talented this audition pool was. You all absolutely blew us away. We are so grateful that you all chose to share your talents with us.

--Elissa Rumer, Producer

Father: Chris Dorman
Eve/Mama Noah: Katherine Lloyd
Adam/Noah: Matthew Patrick
Cain/Japheth: Nick Culp
Abel/Ham: Ryan Levin
Seth/Shem: Ben Muller
Yonah: Kelsey Reinhard
Aphra: Emily Marsland
Aysha: Kathleen Curran
Young Cain: Leah Thomas
Young Abel: Kelsie Adloo
The Snake: Megan Cassell
Jessica Cruz
Todd Lewis
Stephanie Linas
Aaron Salley
Ensemble: Kelley Anderson
Tim Campbell
Erin Farley
Mike Hilton
David Berngartt
Cory Wolfe

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