Monday, August 16, 2010

EBOARD 2010-2011

The new executive board members have been selected for the 2010-2011 school year! Please contact or these Paupers directly with any specific questions that may arise. Looking forward to the new school year!

Executive Directors:

- Executive Publicity Director: Olivia Myrick

- Executive Business Director: Elissa Rumer

- Executive Production Director: Ben Boecker

Publicity Team (To be headed by Olivia Myrick, Executive Publicity Director):

- Graphic Designer/Production Artist

o Lauren Josey

- Publicity Staff

o Michael McWaters (1st Semester)

o Josh Peterson (2nd Semester)

o Stephanie Linas

o Emily Ellis

Business Team (To be headed by Elissa Rumer, Executive Business Director):

- Treasurer

o Matt Jacques

- Co-Properties Managers

o Jeffrey Sullivan

o Kelsey Reinhard

- Secretary

o Cierra Hinton

Production Team (To be headed by Ben Boecker, Executive Production Director):

- In-House Photographer

o Braxton Kinsey

- Front of House Manager

o AJ Kiehner

- Co-Social Coordinators

o Erin Farley (1st Semester)

o Turner Popalis

- Co-Orchestral Coordinators

o Laura Hartley(2nd Semester)

o Grace Lloyd

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