Sunday, September 26, 2010

SPOTLIGHT! Featuring: "Sweet Charity" Director/Choreographer Michael McWaters

Last week PAUPER PLAYERS sat down with Michael McWaters, the sophomore Political Science and Spanish double-major from Wilmington, North Carolina. Michael proposed "Sweet Charity" as the fall production to open our 21st Season, and he is currently both directing and choreographing the show. Though it's only his second year, Michael has already established a rich history with Pauper. Last year he debuted as "Jackie" in the 2009 fall production, Andrew Lippa's "Wild Party." He also choreographed the winter show "I Love You Because," and was brought on as assistant director for spring's "Into the Woods." Michael has already shown himself to be a leader with a powerful vision and incredible talent. His training is hugely based in dance, and he is also involved in Blank Canvas on UNC's campus as a dancer/choreographer. He is known backstage as "Silent Killer" for his ability to slice through dance moves like its nobody's business, knocking any competitor into the nosebleed seats with his magnificent form and impeccable timing. :-) Here's what he had to say about the progress of "Sweet Charity" as rehearsals just started picking up speed....

"Sweet Charity" is off to an AMAZING start! The cast is so much more incredible and talented than I could have imagined. We have already tackled 3 musical numbers and a few scenes! "Big Spender" looks amazing!! And only after 2 days of work! Obviously, we have tons left to do, but at this rate we will have lots and lots of time to perfect every little detail. From a technical aspect, lights/sound/and sets are moving along quite fast as well... All in all this will be a show NOT to be missed! Also, most of the cast is composed of first-year students, which is awesome and I have been thoroughly impressed by their talent and professionalism. Of course, the veterans in the cast are STELLAR as well! More updates to come!

Check in next time on our SPOTLIGHT featuring some Pauper newbies who will rock your eardrums and melt your heart!

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