Thursday, October 21, 2010

Publicity for Pauper

Pauper has received some excellent publicity over the past few weeks! Check it out!

First, Pauper was featured in a massive article in UNC's "Blue and White" magazine -- the September 2010 edition. CLICK HERE to download the issue and read about "Singing on a Shoestring" by Olivia Barrow. Even the editor, Amy Leonard, wrote a quick blurb just inside the cover of the magazine, directing the readers' attention to the article:

"For a look into the lives of Tar Heels with actual theatrical talent, check out our story about UNC-Chapel Hill’s Pauper Players musical theater group (p. 22). This artful group has been providing Broadway performances to the Chapel Hill community for 21 years."

Then, the Pauper crew was interviewed about the renovation and reopening of Historic Playmakers Theater! Looking forward to continuing the rich tradition with HPT, Pauper is excited to potentially perform in the space once again. Executive Director Olivia Myrick is quoted to have said: “I think it’ll give an extra dose of professionalism to the organization and excitement to the cast, crew, and audience.” CLICK HERE for the full article in the Daily Tarheel!

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