Monday, December 13, 2010

SWEET CHARITY -- A Smashing Success!!

Pauper Players' fall production of "Sweet Charity," directed and choreographed by sophomore Michael McWaters, was a fantastic blend of musical climaxes, expert choreography, sweet sentimentality, and hilarious bouts of sass. Pauper Players performed to several sold-out crowds and with the support of a spectacular orchestra and phenomenal team of directors and designers. UNC's The Daily Tarheel boasts: "In what may not be expected from an entirely student-run production, “Sweet Charity” is a thoroughly professional performance that brings a smile and tap of the foot of every audience member. " CLICK HERE to read the full review, and CLICK HERE to see a brief blurb in the DTH Canvas!!

Check out some sneak peaks from our in-house photographer, Braxton Kinsey! And stay tuned for what's up next with Pauper Players!

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