Wednesday, January 12, 2011


To Everyone Who Auditioned:

Thank you so much for auditioning for UNC-CH Pauper Players' Broadway Melodies 2011. We were absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of talent we saw over the past two nights. We saw a total of 76 auditioners (a Pauper record) for Broadway Melodies and it truly breaks our hearts that we cannot cast each and every one of you.

Before you read the remainder of this email, please mark down the dates for auditions for Pauper Players' spring production of All Shook Up, directed by Nick Culp, which we STRONGLY encourage each and every one of you to audition for. All Shook Up auditions will take place next Tuesday, January 18th and Wednesday, January 19th in Hill Hall 107, with callbacks on Thursday, January 20th in Person Choral. An audition folder will be placed in the Union Folder Hub by tomorrow evening. We encourage all of you to audition. Please do not hesitate to contact producer Elissa Rumer ( with any questions regarding auditions.

IMPORTANT -- TO ACCEPT A ROLE, PLEASE E-MAIL ELISSA RUMER (PRODUCER) at Please read the cast lists carefully, as some people have been cast in multiple sets.

Please note that there will be a READ-THROUGH for all the BWM sets tomorrow night from 7:00-10:00 pm in the Student Union Room 3206. If you will be unable to make it to the read-through, please e-mail Elissa ASAP.

**Attached to your e-mail are copies of each of scripts for all three sets. You will need to print out a copy of your script(s) to bring with you to the read-through tomorrow.

Below are the cast lists:

Glee!: The Musical
  • Will: Jack Utrata
  • Rachel: Olivia Myrick
  • Finn: Wesley Miller
  • Emma: Emily Ellis
  • Sue: Rosalee Lewis
  • Kurt: Adam Pasour
  • Mercedes: Cierra Hinton
  • Artie: Ben Muller
  • Tina: Jessica Cruz
  • Quinn: Caroline Bowden
  • Puck: Jo Saberniak
  • Brittany: Kayla Lively
  • Santana: Maria Palombo
  • Mike: Brainard Burrus
  • Matt: Edmund Poliks
  • Kristin Chenoweth: Ben Phillis
A Very Tarantino Musical:
  • The Bride (Uma Thurman): Jessica Sorgi
  • Samuel L. Jackson: George Barrett
  • "Stage Manager": Melissa Parker
  • Elle Driver (Darryl Hannah): Mackenzie Webel
  • Vernita Green (Vivica A. Fox): Dominique Barnes
  • Nikki Bell (Vernita's Daughter): Cierra Hinton
  • Hattori Hanzo (Sushi Chef): Andrew Isenhour
  • O-Ren Ishii (Lucy Liu): Ashley Dean
  • Donny Donnowitz (The Bear Jew): Ben Muller
  • Go-Go (Crazy Chick): Kelsey Reinhard
  • Vincent Vega (John Travolta): Cam Nadler
  • Budd (Michael Madsen): Alex Thompson
  • Pai Mei (played by Lt. Aldo Raine): Ben Phillis
  • Bill (played by Col. Hans Landa): Jo Saberniak
  • Bebe (The Brides Daughter): Kaitlin Baden

Mean Girls: The Musical:
  • Cady Heron: Devon Haas
  • Janice Ian: Allison Rae Stewart
  • Regina George: Mackenzie Webel
  • Gretchen Weiners: Hayley Wright
  • Karen Smith: Cydney Swofford
  • Ms. Norbury: Jessika Brust
  • Rainbow Child: Mary Morris
  • Aaron Samuels: Jack Utrata
  • Damien: Andrew Isenhour
  • Principal Duvall: Ben Phillis
  • Coach Carr: Nathaniel Linger
  • Chorus:
    • Josh Peterson
    • Hunter Grey
    • McKinney Brown
    • Turner Popalis
    • Anna van Venrooy
    • Meredith Parks
    • Dominique Barnes
    • Hayley Scruggs
    • Kallie Wray
    • Sharon Lin

Please do not forget to e-mail Elissa Rumer at to accept your role, as well as to print off your scripts prior to tomorrow evening's read-through.

Congratulations to all of those who were cast, and thank you to all who auditioned. We hope to see each and every one of you next week at auditions for All Shook Up.

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