Friday, February 11, 2011

PAUPER PERFORMERS at the Winter Benefit Cabaret!

It's a talent showcase sponsored by Pauper Players, with all proceeds going to charity and an evening of entertainment going straight to you! :-)

The Winter Cabaret will be held on Friday February 25th at 8:00pm, in the Union Cabaret. And don’t miss your opportunity to enjoy the Pauper stage, while helping us raise money for the Graham Johnson Cultural Arts Endowment— a local arts charity. We hope you’ll join us for this exciting new event!

Below is the tentative list of sassy performers. Cost is only $3, and it's going to be super relaxed and a ton of fun! :-)

1. “The Parody Monster” -- Gretyl Kinsey

2. “Boy vs. Ukelele” -- Cameron Nadler

3. “The Temp and the Receptionist” -- Nick Culp and Olivia Myrick

4. "Don't You Miss me Too Much" -- Ben Boecker

5. "Freedom" -- Dominique Barnes and Anna Van Venrooy

6. "This is Not Over Yet" -- Kevin Shaffer

7. "Therapy" from Tic Tic Boom -- Jack Utrata and Cydney Swofford

8. "Friends on the Other Side" -- Edmund Poliks

9. "Twenty-Something" -- Josh Peterson, Dominque, Jack, Jessica Sorgi, and Ashley Dean

10. "Power" -- Kaitlin Fague

11. "Elephant Love Medley" -- Rosalee Lewis and Quinn Matney

12. TBA -- Maria Palombo

13. "Grenade" -- Crystal Smith

14. "Popcorn" -- Jessica Sorgi and Wesley Miller

15. "A Change in Me" -- Mary Morris

16. "And They're Off" -- Ben Muller, Kelsey Reinhard, Elissa Rumer, Nick Culp, and Adam Pasour

17. "Random Black Girl" -- Taylore Woods

18. "Mama Who Bore Me" -- Dominique Barnes, Devon, Mary, Allison, Olivia, Rosalee, Ashley

19. "Left Behind" -- Dillon Rice and Adam Pasour

20. "Touch Me" -- Nick Culp

21. Swing Dance -- Cameron Nadler and Cydney Swofford


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  1. 22. "Jackie's Last, Last Dance" (to the tune of "Baby" by Justin Bieber)- Michael McWaters