Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Broadway Melodies '13 Cast List

To all who auditioned,
Thank you so much for the past two days! This was one of the most competitive years of BWM auditions we've seen.  Please know that if we could have cast everyone, we would have! Here are the following cast lists for the 3 sets:
James Bond: The Musical
James Bond- Cressler Peele
Tyra Banks- Mary Stewart Evans
Ella Vagoodlay- Maggie Poole
Christmas Jones- Amberly Nardo
Honey Rider- Catherine White
M- Kelly Hynek
Q- Dakota Proctor
Brittney Spears- Madeline Hurley
Robot Britney- Doug Pass
Clone- Annie Poole
Emily Bohbrink
Casey Cleland
Haley Smyser
Hayley  Wright
Narrator- Doug Pass
The Victim- Quinn Matney
Butler- Kyle Conroy
Maid- Amberly Nardo
Ms. Scarlet- Sammi Vittert
Mr. Greene- Zachery Acuff
Mrs. Peacock- Shelby Armentrout
Col. Mustard- Josh Altman
Mrs. White- Kathryn Walker
Professor Plum- Colin Proctor
Mormons- Alex Herzing/ Alex Koceja
Blue- Max Bitar
Mormon S.W.A.T. Team Leader/ Husband- Jo Saberniak
The S.W.A.T. Wives:
Devon Haas
Nicole Davis
Ashley Joyner
Emily Schumm
Haley Scruggs
The Avengers Convention
Luigi/Loki- Quinn Matney
Mario/Thor- Matt Verner
Trekkie/Hulk- Margaret (Peggy) Burrus
Robin/Captain America- Richard Walden
Legolas/Hawkeye- Raymond Stanton
Jessie/Black Widow- Caroline Pittman
Selina Kyle- Emily Schumm
Robert Downey Jr.- Jack Utrata
Jules Winnfield/Nick Fury- Jerome Allen
Vincent Vega/Coulson- Alex Thompson
Wolverine/Hugh Jackman- Jorge Martinez
Jackie O'Shaughnessy (Daisy)
Hunter Toro
Leah Morgan (Peach)
Jo Saberniak (Diego de la Vera)
Joe Townsend
Hayley Wright (Gogo)

Thank you all so much! Please email pauperinfo@gmail.com to confirm or deny your role and all your conflicts (even if you put them on your audition sheet) by Wednesday at 12:00pm.  

Please bring your computer to rehearsal tomorrow for a read through.  We will be sending out script materials to each cast by tomorrow afternoon.  There is no need to print these scripts yet, your directors will send you a final version of their scripts in the coming days.  The general rehearsal schedule will also be attached, however, your director may adjust call times within your show's rehearsal block.

Broadway Melodies 2012 will be Feb 1-5 in Hanes Art Center. The first rehearsal will be Tuesday, Jan 15th in Union 2518 with the following schedule:

6:00-7:20pm James Bond
7:20-8:40pm The Avengers
8:40-10pm Clue

Please email Pauperinfo@gmail.com if you are unable to attend your rehearsal tomorrow.  Please call Wesley (828-776-2847) or Emily (919-741-8799) if you have any other issues before tomorrow's rehearsal.

Also, keep in mind Pauper Players will be announcing their spring show in the coming weeksShow dates: April 12-15th at the Arts Center in Carrboro.  Email pauperinfo@gmail.com with any further questions.

Thank you all so much! Broadway Melodies will be fantastic as always!

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